Patsy Shin
Last updated 2019… new site coming soon

Web design for minimalist womenswear line, Nomia. Designed with Actual Source / Developed by Cursor Studio.
Digital, e-Commerce
Ongoing poster series with illustrator, Soljee Lee, to highlight absurd biblical passages.
Print, Personal Project
Website design for design office, Number 04 (now Actual Source).
Designed with JP Haynie, Davis Ngarupe, Sam Wood / Developed by Cursor Studio.

Identity and collateral for MIT's annual multi-year fundraising campaign. Designed with 7D8.
Identity, Print
Various business cards for the Number 04 design office. Since Number 04 did not have a logo each member was tasked to design their own business card. Each business card is b&w and is typeset in Courier New.